Welcome to Yantrajaal

The World Wide Web has outgrown its initial concept of a mere network of computers and is being seen today more as a way of life. As it thrives and grows, this web is encompassing and pulling into itself a greater and greater diversity of devices - set top boxes, smart television sets, terrestrial and cellular phones, palmtops, network computers and very soon common household gadgets like refrigerators and microwave ovens. And along with these gadgets, our entire lifestyle is being dragged into this great web or Jaal.

YantraJaal - is an eZine that reflects this new reality. In Sanskrit, "Yantra" is an artifice or a device and "Jaal" is the net or the web. YantraJaal thus, represents the web of connected devices.

YantraJaal is a forum where we explore all that is of interest to the connected community. Here we look at art and literature, science and technology, philosophy and religion - a very ambitious canvas, but one that is necessarily circumscribed by the perspective of the editor who is computer professional based at Calcutta, India. Hence there is a definite bias towards the India-centric view of the world.

Thank you for stopping by this website, we are that sure you would enjoy the articles that we have assembled here. Happy reading.

Prithwis Mukerjee, Calcutta