Chronotantra & Chronoyantra 

Chronotantra and Chronoyantra are two science fiction novels that explore the collapse of human civilisation on Earth and then its rebirth and reincarnation both on Earth as well as on the distant worlds of Mars, Titan and Enceladus. But is it the human civilisation that is being reborn? Or is it some other sentience that is revealing itself.

Python for Business Managers

Business Information Systems ….

First Edition Published by Jaico in May 2009
Second Edition Published on the Print-On-Demand technology at

Business Information Systems is short, crisp book that introduces business managers to the key elements of software systems engineering in a manner that is radically different from that found in any contemporary text book. Structured as a dialogue between an expert and a novice – in the Upanishadic traditions of India,  this book leads the reader through the technology issues and management processes that are crucial for the successful deployment of information systems. Cutting out abstract, theoretical topics, the book focusses on what is minimally sufficient for a practising manager and yet  goes deep enough to take the reader  to the point where he or she can actually create and deploy web based applications without the help of professional programmers.
For the cross-over community young line managers and would-be managers studying in B-Schools, this book will provide a robust answer to the perennial question : “I am not a programmer – and have no intention of being one, so why do I need to learn all this technology ?”

The Road to pSingularity

An image of the cosmos as reflected in the still waters of a dispassionate computational analysis. Five different strands of thought – namely, Advaita Vedanta, the plausibility of illusions in a digital ecosystem, the mathematics of the Universal Turing Machine, the persistent and evolving nature of the Genome and G√∂del’s Theorem of Incompleteness – are brought together to create a modern perspective of a world view that was first articulated by Sankaracharya. This vision is delivered, not as a discourse, but instead through a dialogue between a Seeker and Sceptic. Finally, the ubiquity of causality and the existence of free will are challenged and the cosmos is sought to be explained in terms of patterns – the Contours of the Eternal – to which all sentient consciousness finally converge in the ecstasy of pSingularity : the primordial Singularity.
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The following video is a humorous take-off on the subject this otherwise esoteric book !