At different points of time, I have had interests in different ideas and areas. Ideas come and go, I play with them and then move on. Here is a small list of things that have held my attention for some time. It is not necessary that I am still working on these ideas. They remain as cherished memories

IOT - or the Internet of Things -- Check out my specialist blog iot-hub

Distance Learning 

Distance Learning was an extension of my interest in the 3D virtual world of Second Life, where, in 2006, we created a learning space for IBM employees to interact and learn inside a simulation. However the scarcity of bandwidth forced us to look at alternate options. Here is a list of blog posts that chronicle my adventure with this exciting topic

An in India, no education is deemed to be complete unless it is accompanied by placement services, to here are my thoughts on Campus Recruitment as a B2B exchange.Finally check out my short video where I teach complexities of portfolio optimization on my Quantifin blog!

Experiments with Visualisation

Business Analytics !

What is Web 2.0 ?

My student Aditya Pauniker has explained it rather well in this book, Web 2.0 - Concepts and Business Models.

The Kollaborative Klassroom is my on going experiment to understand the dynamics of Web 2.0.

Cloud Computing with Zoho

Learn about Zoho, the amazing web based application development tool. Read more about the continuing saga.
I spoke about Cloud Computing to the and this was converted into a slide show.

Second Life

I believe that the current 2D web will eventually evolve into a 3D virtual world and wrote about this in the Economic Times in 2007

I have a Mahamaya Kali temple in Second Life — the amazing 3D virtual world

Parashar21 is tool that uses relational database technology to store horoscopes as sparse matrices. The key idea is that once storage and smart retrieval can be mechanised, then astrological hypotheses can be validated by statistical techniques. To know more about the philosophy and the usage of this unique tool, visit the Parashar21 website by clicking on the logo at the left.